Gazoviy ballonchik

The game developed for the "Tumenskie aerozoli" company helped the customer increase their customers' loyalty and attract new ones.

"Gazoviy ballonchik" is a learning game teaching how to use a gas bag. This flash game takes into account all parameters of using a gas bag, such as the distance between you and assaulter, wind direction, bag consumption rate.

The aim of the game is to counterattack the assaulter on time by directing the plume onto him. Several bags are available for a player, in case s/he's successful, s/he will receive additional ones for the points scored for each counterattack. During its course the game becomes more complicated with more assaulters attacking a player.

The following components were developed: 

Two backgrounds: 

  1. Winter, night, lanterns, pharmacy; 
  2. Summer, dusk, park, lanterns; 

Four types of assaulters: 

  1. A man with a knife;
  2. A man with a bat;
  3. A man with a chainsaw;
  4. A dog;

Professor labs, 2020
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