Development of a website for the Japanese cuisine restaurant "Arigato" involved both analytical and graphical components: on one end, the customer needed creative design, on the other end - rich functionality. As a result, we have created an appealing and user-friendly fully-functional website. Delivery menu is accompanied by corporate watermark-protected images. There is also a convenient shopping cart and customers' member area storing delivery addresses and information on previous orders.


It is possible to pay for an order using a credit card or e-money or to chat with an operator in the real time. All discounts the company provides to its customers, such as pick-up discount, are calculated automatically on the website. By the way, they also offer a weather discount when the amount is equal to the temperature in Tumen at the time of order. Excited? Then it's high time to go to the website, make an order and enjoy delicious Japanese meals by "Arigato".

The main page contains "Top sellers" "Chef recommends", a customer satisfaction survey and a "Limited offer" module counting down time remaining till the end of sale. Visitors can also leave their testimonials and suggestions in the guest book.

This website successfully combines wide functionality, attractive design and great content, which enables "Arigato" remain a leading company in the Japanese cuisine delivery services.

Professor labs, 2020
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