"Kvartal" cafe 2.0

In the new version of the "Kvartal" cafe website we have introduced online payments using Visa and MasterCard. Also, we have modified the shopping cart functionality and introduced member area for customers, where they can see their personal data and orders history.

Delivery menu is structured in a user-friendly manner. Each dish is accompanies by photos, name, weight, price, compounds and a "To the shopping cart" button.

The "Photos" section contains a 3D overview of the cafe created using 3D panoramic shooting. Clients can post testimonials and suggestions in the "Testimonials" section.

Unlike the old flash website, the new one is based on classical web technologies, thanks to which the website can be accessed using mobile devices, has become more SEO-friendly and is now easier to manage. Want to have sushi delivered in Tumen? Then welcome to the "Kvartal" cafe website!

Professor labs, 2020
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